Red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Red deer is the most important big game of Hungary. Our country gives home to the world's finest quality red deer stock. To shoot a stag during the rut is on of the most beautiful experiences in a hunter's life.

Red stags can be found throughout the mountain ranges, but the strongest trophies are bagged in southern Hungary, where you can find hills as well as plains. The northern Hungarian hills offer stags with trophy weights up to 7-8 kgs.

In Hungary the rutting season begins in the first days of September. It realizes its purpose up to 10-15th September. After this time the intensity of roaring begins to fall, but until the 20-25th September on a small percent of the territories there is a quiet roaring. During this "post-roaring" the old, huge stags give place to the younger generation, so during this term the chance of shooting a stag with smaller antlers is higher.

This most important and famous big game of Hungary is usually hunted on the South part of the Transdanubia, in Somogy, Zala, Baranya counties, depending on the requested trophy weight.

The hunting methods are stalking, shooting from hide, and shooting from horse drawn carriage or sledge.


Fallow deer (Cervus dama)

The quality of the Hungarian fallow deer stock is well known everywhere in the world. The finest poulation lives in the forests of the southern part of the Transdanubien, on the border of Pest and Bács-Kiskun counties.

The trophies leading the world record list were all bagged in Hungary.

The trophy weight is often more than 4 kgs, thanks for the level of the development. The fallow deer prefers territories where forests are mixed with agricultural fields.

The most successfull and most popular hunting methods are shooting from hide, stalking and sometimes shooting from horse-drawn carriage.

Mouflon (Ovis ammon musimon)

The mouflon was introduced to Hungary by Lord Forgách, from Corsica and Sardinia at the end of the last century.

It is a beautiful experience to hear the noise of the horns knocking together during the rutting season. This game lives in wooded areas. You can enjoy it with the colourful autumnal landscape during October and November.

The usual hunting method is to hunt by stalking, but shooting from horse drawn carriage or from an off-road vehicle can be successfull too. 

Wild boar (Sus scrofa)

The wild boar is common everywhere in our country. You can find its population on the Great Hungarian Plan as well as in the mountains.

There are different methods of hunting for alone hunters and for parties too. You can hunt from high seat or by stalking. One of the most enjoyable boar hunts is probably the stalking in the fresh winte snow. The summer wild boar hunt on ripening grain fields is very exciting too. But the greatest adventure is a well-organised driven hunt, with several beaters and specially trained dogs. The perfect time for hunters to take part in this exciting hunt is from 1st December up to 21th January. Up to 10 guns red deer hinds and calves, fallow deer hinds and calves, mouflon ewes and lambs are shootable besides wild boars. From 11 guns only wild boars and foxes are shootable.

Roe deer (Capreolus c. capreolus)

A species of game, that can be found in large numbers throughout the country. It is common on all of the preserves of Hungary.

The average trophy weight is around 300 grams, but trophy weights exceeding 600 grams are not rare tott. There are two Hungarian trophies among the first three on the world record list (with 231,53 and 230,79 international points).

The hunting season of the roe bucks begins on the 15th April, when the antlers are already cleared. The best time to participate in a good hunt is between 15th April and 10th May, and from the end of July to the first week of August.

In Hungary there are 3 hunting methods for roe bucks. Stalking and shooting from hide is typical in hilly areas. On the Great Hungarian Plain, where due to the lack of cover bucks are able to see the danger from big distance, shooting from off road vehicles is usual. We advise you this hunting method if you would like to take more bucks on a hunting day. If you are fond of the stalking or the shooting from hide, then the hilly, diversified part of Hungary is the best choice to have a memorable huting trip. 

Sika Deer (Cervus nippon)

The Sika Deer is a member of the deer family Cervidae that inhabits much of East Asia. It is found in mixed deciduous forests to the north, and mixed subtropical deciduous and evergreen forests to the south. The Sika Deer are closely related to Red Deer, Central Asian Red Deer and elk.

In Hungary you can find Sika Deer stock only in hunting ground Fehérvárcsurgó.

Peasant (Phasianidae)

The pheasant stock of our country is a mixture of different subspecies of the Asian Pheasant. The pheasant shooting is the most popular collective hunt in the fall. Hunters can take part in this exciting hunting from 1st October up to 31st January.

There are tow popular hunting methods. In case of walked up hunts, a smaller group of hunters with few gamekeepers and gundogs comb through the territroy. Besides the walked up hunts, driven hunts are memorable events of the autumn. 

Wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo)


The wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) is native to North America and is the heaviest member of the diverse Galliformes. It is the same species as the domestic turkey, which was originally derived from a southern Mexican subspecies of wild turkey (not the related ocellated turkey). Although native to North America and South Canada. Small populations, probably descended from farm as well as wild stock, in the Czech Republic and Germany have been more successful, and there are wild populations of some size following introductions in Hawaii and New Zealand.

In Hungary you can find only in one of VADEX ZRT.'s hunting ground.

The hunting season of the wild turkey first time in the year is the 15th April between 31th May and second time to participate in a good hunt is between 1th Okt. and 31th Dec.

Hunting methods In case of walked up hunts.




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