The VADEX Mezőföldi Corporation has forest management activitiy on 19 000 hectares and game management activity on 38 000 hectares in the Central-Danubian Region. The activity of the two biological forestries, the park building and technician forestry, the wood processing and wild game processing plants of the company whose seat is in Székesfehérvár include the whole aspects of wild game and forest management.

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Principally Oak and Robinia forests dominate on inferior sites those are belonging to the Mezőföld region.

In course of the near-natural forest management the regeneration, sylviculture and tending operations performed for the most with native deciduous tree species are recognized by the forest authority and are going on high level.

Almost the half part of assortments is firewood that are formed from the co-ordinated logging. The industrial wood helps the basic material supply of our own wood converting plants. The company's wood converting plants became specialized in manufacturing of wood packaging and storage products.
The company's excellent wild game management for decades compensates the low productivity of inferior tree species. The company manages 7 preserves, where all the species of big game may be hunted in Hungary can be found. Hunting guests come back to our grounds for driven wild boar huntings with large bag, for valuable Red Deer, Fallow Deer and Mouflon trophies.

The traditional organization of driven pheasant huntings allures a lot of guests to Mezőföld too.

The company's wild game purchasing network that covers the whole country and the basic material from our own hunting grounds that comes to our game processing plant ensure the export of fresh or deep-frozen game meat products produced on high level.

Unforgettable experiences are waiting not only for hunting guests but also for tourists and hiker too, if they come to see the forest park Sárpentele, the Arboretum Pákozd-Sukoró, or the Gaja-valley region, which are operated by our company.

Our most important task is to tend forests of good quality according to sites and to enlarge territories with new plantings. We determinate the using priorities in areas such a way that the management interest does not interfer with nature interest.

This is how we can reach that the forest can protect the air, the soil, the water and at the same time can satisfy the relaxation, holiday, tourist and sport (hunting) claims of people as well as it can ensure a high-valued industrial timber, healthy game meat and safe job for our workers.


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