1. Conclusion of hunting contract

Based on the reservation submitted over the phone, by mail, fax or e-mail VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. shall draft a hunting agreement, which shall include the number of shots, the hunting date, the hunting area, the room and board, the terms of payment, as well as other terms and conditions. The contract shall enter into effect upon the joint arrival at VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. of the signed contract established between VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. and the Hunting Guest, as well as the deposit and the down payment specified in the contract

For bookings of group hunting the Hunting Guests executing the contract shall have joint and several responsibility for any damage caused by them and their fellow hunters, as well as for any damage resulting from the cancelation.

2. Terms of payment and settlement

Unless otherwise agreed, for huntings a sum equivalent to 30% of the price calculated according to the current price list of VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. shall apply upon the confirmation of the booking

This sum shall be billed as a deposit or a down payment.

The remainder of the shooting price of any game shot shall become due by means of an invoice issued subsequently, which shall be based on the signed shooting list. The confirmation of all performances shall be recorded on the shooting list. By signing the shooting list the hunting guest / agent shall recognized the services as having been provided.

The payment obligation of the guest shall include the trophies of all game bagged, all shots made, and all services used which are indicated by the area supervisor in the shooting list, irrespective of whether these are indicated in the contract or not. VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. shall only be obliged to hand over the trophies following the full payment of the charges that apply. During the transportation of trophies the costs of transportation, as well as the fees of any insurance required by the hunter, shall be borne by the hunter.

With the exception of the weight and size of trophies subject to trophy scoring, the settlement shall be based on the shooting list issued by the area supervisor in the hunting field and signed by the guest, thus the hunter may not take the shooting list beyond the borders of Hungary. Upon request of the guest, VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. shall issue a copy of the shooting list. The hunter shall settle accounts with VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. in Székesfehérvár or in case of unsuccessful hunting may leave the shooting list on the shooting grounds. From there such list shall be duly forwarded to VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. for the purpose of final settlement.

3. Terms of cancelation

In case of cancelation of already effective reservations (deposit paid and written confirmation) the rules of cancelation by the hunter shall be as follows:

- if the cancelation occurs by no later than the 61st calendar day prior to the starting date of the hunting, 50% of the deposit shall be refunded;

- if the cancelation occurs within 60 calendar days prior to the starting date of the hunting, Principal shall retain 100% of the deposit as a cancelation penalty;

- if the reservation has been made by means of a down payment, the amount paid may only be refunded in circumstances involving acts of God. These shall include without limitation: wars, diseases, acts of terrorism, strikes, unavoidable natural phenomena, technical obstacles, or instructions of authorities.

For room reservation: cancellation of the accommodation ordered is subject to a notice with a minimum of 48 hours prior to arrival, otherwise a penalty equivalent to the price of the first night shall apply.

For meals: any meals ordered may be canceled at no charge prior to the date of consumption but with a notice of at least 24 hours. Cancellation beyond this date shall be subject to a charge of 50% of the price of the meals ordered without beverages, whereas in case of failure of cancellation a 100% charge shall apply.

Other service: any service ordered (carriage ride, shooting) may be canceled at no charge prior to their use but with a notice of at least 24 hours. Cancellation beyond this date shall be subject to a charge of 50% of the price of the service ordered,  whereas in case of failure of cancellation a 100% charge shall apply.

4. Assignment of hunting

Hunting guests may assign any hunting booked a minimum of 10 days prior to the start of the hunting to third parties meeting / fulfilling the conditions required for participating in the hunting. In such cases the hunting guest shall inform VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. without fail of any change. When assigning huntings, the person to whom the hunting is assigned shall have joint and several liability for any outstanding payment obligations of the original hunting guest incurred as a result of the hunting and not settled by the date of the assignment. In case of any change in the contract concerning the person of the hunting guest a fee of EUR 30 shall apply.

5. Terms of traveling

For EU citizens:

1.    Documents required:

·Passport or ID card

· EU gun passport

· Contract concluded with VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt.

2.    If hunting guests would like to take with them the trophy bagged in person, the following documents will be required:

· invoice paid
· trophy scoring ticket.

3.    Customs control at the border exit

· Only random inspections are expected at the border crossing.

For non-EU citizens:

1.    The following documents will be required for the import of guns at the Hungarian border:

· passport
· letter of invitation of VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt., or a contract concluded with VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt.

· hunting license valid in the country of origin.


3.    For obtaining a gun import license only the following border crossings may be used:

· Hegyeshalom / Nickelsdorf
· Budapest, Liszt Ferenc Airport

4.    When taking any trophy to a non-EU country the following documents will have to be presented at the border crossing where you are leaving the European Union:

· invoice paid

· customs declaration
· trophy scoring ticket
· veterinarian certificate (with the signature and stamp of a veterinarian of the Hungarian authority).

6. Hunting (legal) regulations

Foreign hunters (and their fellow hunters) shall be required to have the hunting license, the gun possession license and the gun import license on their person (with them) during the hunting and upon request present it to any person entitled for inspection and the accompanying hunter.

To ensure successful hunting the hunter shall observe the instructions of the accompanying hunter. Hunters may only shoot at game specified by the escort and classified as shootable game. When bagging game determined by the hunting escort as game to be protected for the sake of the game stock, the hunter shall be liable to pay twice the shooting price stated in the shooting list.

It is strictly forbidden to rent guns, save the case of “cession”. For the hunting of different game species only guns determined in the general hunting laws and the relevant Hungarian regulations may be used. If a hunter fails to comply with the instructions of the hunting escort the hunting leader may suspend the hunting. The hunter shall pay for any damages of the hunting area incurred as a result of the suspension of the hunting.

7. Missed shots, wounding

Wounding shall be charged only if the hunter has failed to bag game of similar species during the hunting. Missed shots fired for the same game and from the same location shall be considered as single faults during the settlement. In case of missed shots hunting guests shall pay a fee as set out in the price list of VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt..

For any wounding hunters shall be liable to pay the respective fee. If the wounded game is bagged during the hunting or in the course of the search, or if it is founds, the price according to the trophy quality shall be due. If the wounded game is found after the departure of the hunter, the hunter shall pay the price differential of the wounding and the trophy. The wounding of the game shall be determined by the hunting escort based on the traces suggesting wounding (blood trace, lost fur, etc.) and in the presence of the hunter. The hunting escort is eligible for estimating the trophy, the weight, and the measurements of the wounded game.

8. Responsibility

VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. agrees to ensure the possibility of shooting for the game specified in the contract within the hunting area and during the period as set out in the contract at an appropriate distance subject to normal weather conditions.

VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. shall not be responsible for the success of the hunting by the hunting guest. If the hunting guest fails to bag the booked game, VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. shall refund the amounts already paid, other than the deposit, after the deduction of any costs and fees incurred (missed shots, wounding, etc.) to the hunting guest.

9.  Ownership right of game bagged

The guest shall be entitled to the trophy of the game bagged while the hunting area shall be entitled to its meat and hide. The hunter may obtain the meat and the hide of any game following its entry in the shooting list and the payment of the price due.

10.              Trophy scoring

The weight and the measurements to be settled, as well as the scoring of the trophy shall be done at the National Trophy Scoring Committee (OTB). Consequently, prior to settlement with VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. hunters shall present their trophies for verification measurements and scoring at OTB. The weight to be settled shall be verified by OTB and determined in consideration of the lost weight due to drying. The decision of OTB shall be binding for both parties.

The owner of the trophy shall be entitled to both the exhibition certificate and the medal. For the sake of preserving and retaining the unique values of the country, OTB may declare any trophies with extraordinarily high score values trophies of national value. In such highly unique cases these trophies shall remain in the ownership of the Hungarian state. In this case the hunter shall pay 25% of the shooting price and shall obtain a copy of the trophy.

Upon request of the Ministry of Rural Development the guest shall hand over its trophy for exhibition purposes.


11. Court jurisdiction

VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. shall resolve any dispute by means of negotiation.  For issues that cannot be resolved in an out-of-court settlement, VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt. appoints the exclusive competence of the Township Court of Székesfehérvár for matters falling within the scope of jurisdiction of township courts and the exclusive competence of the Tribunal of Székesfehérvár for matters falling within the scope of jurisdiction of tribunals pursuant to Section 41 of the Hungarian Code of Civil Procedure (Pp.).

Hunting and Travel Arrangements Bureau of

VADEX Mezőföldi Zrt.

H-8000 Székesfehérvár

Tolnai u.1.

Phone: +36-(22)-329-420; 510-551;

Fax: +36-(22)-502-126

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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