Fejér county has the lowest forest coverage in Transdanubium, which owes partly to good quality of agricultural lands and partly to extremely inferior soil. Hence the forest land area being managed by the VADEX Mezőföldi Co. and covering an area of 16 500 hectares plays really significant role.

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The purpose is to enforce the forests' economical, defensive and public-welfare functions in such a way that the potential opportunities lying in the area can be utilized to the highest degree and the real needs of population and society will be satisfied, as well.

Satisfying of public purposes and public - welfare claims - first of all in the area of holiday resorts and large towns - plays more and more important role and reservation functions get priority in important fields.

The Park Forest Sárpentele, the Pákozd Arboretum - where forest school and information cottage operates - and the Gaja-valley Landscape Center serve the resting and relaxation of many thousands of people all the year round.

The planting of new forests can be realized primarily on low-grade agricultural lands. The VADEX Mezőföldi Co. takes a leading part in preparation, planning and implementing.

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